Where do you come off calling Jennifer Connelly and Logan Lerman "Anglo-Saxons" in that Noah post? Connelly's mother's Jewish and Logan is 100% Jewish. His grandfathers were/are both Holocaust survivors. "Anglo-Saxon" countries are among those that wouldn't let Logan's family in until AFTER WWII. Are you a Holocaust denier? I can only assume that from your Noah comments. If Logan is an Anglo-Saxon then every single deformed comedian your generation considers to be "Jewish" is a Vikings. Got it?

That’s not what I was saying when I made that post, oh so long ago. I had a point to my post, you missed it, okay. That’s all there is to it. If perhaps you had done something other than attack me like this, then we could talk about it. I would gladly admit being wrong in my use of words, if I was wrong. But, that’s that, and so be it. 

However, like I said, that’s not what I was saying and so perhaps Anglo-Saxon wasn’t the right term to use, but let’s just be frank, they’re white. And well, they could have used people of another race in the film.

yoooo so is anyone else watching sleepy hollow?

and….is anyone else kinda sorta interested in following me on my new personal?

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I say, old chap, I rather do like this #mug that my lover procured… ☕ #mousTASH

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on my honor as a Stark.

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Why do I even come back here? [flounces off to finish my new blog]

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Respect (Feat. Beenzino, Dok2)

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